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Windvane Arts presents ...
Sarasota: A Tribute in Verse and Vision
Jack Veeger and Patricia Nebel
Sarasota: A Tribute in Verse and Vision

Photography by Patricia Nebel
A Glimpse of Urban and Natural Beauty in Southwest Florida
Sarasota Urban Photography and Florida Nature by Patricia Nebel

Patricia Nebel has long been captivated by the emotion and details of that single moment in time which is immortalized by each still photograph. On these pages Pat presents the viewer with a glimpse of the drama that she has experienced while photographing both the natural and cityscape grandeurs of Florida.

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Hardcover: 68 pages
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From the back cover:

Whether you are an urban dweller or an avid naturalist, Patricia Nebel, a nationally-acclaimed photographer, provides a look at the natural beauty that surrounds us all.

Pat began her photography career as a wildlife photographer seven years ago with her husand and partner, Gary. She has recently added urban photography to her portfolio; this book includes the first publishing of this new work. Her photography has received numerous awards through exhibits and has been published in National Geographic Adventure magazine and Florida regional magazines.