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Essays from Eden

“As far back as I can remember I've had a connection and communication with nature in the wilderness. My camera allows me to share what I experience — each photograph is a moment in time saved forever to be shared with people who weren't there.

Pat was born in rural Wisconsin. Growing up in the country afforded her endless opportunities to observe and live with nature. She was inspired by her adventures hiking along the river, walking in the woods and fishing in the ponds. Wanting to learn more about the animals and their actions, Pat developed a special bond with them, which felt at times conversational or even familial. To this day, Pat appreciates the lessons the natural world has to offer about success in every day life, compassion and creativity.

Pat has always been in touch with the "energy" around her but had never consciously studied why. Then she was introduced to the concepts of Feng Shui and a greater understanding of all of the parts of her life came together, which evoked a yearning to reconnect with nature. The camera helps her to see, to connect, to block out all that's extraneous and puts her in touch with a lifestyle, an attitude, filled with respect and wonder.

Pat and her husband, Gary are co-owners of Studio 16 web design and Office Services direct mail marketing in Sarasota, Florida.

Member, North American Nature Photography Association
North American Nature Photography Association
NANPA is committed solely to serving the field of nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation, and environmental protection.