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Gary Nebel
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“What attracts me to a subject is its luminosity. In addition to external illumination, each subject emits its own light energy from within; I choose my subjects by allowing myself to be drawn to that energy. My best images reveal the inherent natural balance that produces the light. ‘See the Light, Seek the Balance’.”

Born in Madison, with familial roots in the rural Wisconsin, Gary Nebel had ample opportunity to spend time enjoying the out-of-doors. Only recently, however, has he taken the time to really explore the exquisite details of nature's own balance through the photographic medium. Each day in the field brings a new revelation.

During his previous “corporate” life, Gary traveled extensively in the US and Canada. He remains awed and inspired by the geological diversity of North America. The ability to get up close through the lens of a camera has added an entirely new dimension to these earlier experiences.

Gary and his wife, Pat are co-owners of Studio 16 web design and Office Services direct mail marketing in Sarasota, Florida.

Member, North American Nature Photography Association
North American Nature Photography Association
NANPA is committed solely to serving the field of nature photography as an art form and a medium of communication for the sciences, nature appreciation, and environmental protection.