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Sarasota Urban and Florida Nature Photography by Patricia Nebel - Now Available in Hard Cover Whether you are an urban dweller or an avid naturalist, this book provides a look at the natural beauty that surrounds us all.

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Double Ghost Orchid photo ( below ) published in
National Geographic Adventure magazine.
Double Ghost Orchid - Fakahatchee Strand

Nature Photography

St. Armands Magazine - 2007

Happy Trails ...
Explore the natural wonders of South Lido Park

Story and photography by Pat and Gary Nebel, published in St. Armands Magazine.

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Gulfshore Life Magazine - 2006

Wild at Heart ...
Story and photography by Pat and Gary Nebel, published in Gulfshore Life magazine.

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Gary and Pat Nebel can be found most weekends packing photo equipment into wilderness areas along Florida's Gulf Coast. With their keen observations and ability to sanctify the miracles inherent in nature, they have created a series of images that both enlightens and edifies. Butterflies, herons, alligators, cranes, frogs and other creatures great and small share equal billing in the spotlight that is the camera lens.

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